Ramblings of a Nerdy Floof Muffin

HEY guys, this is Mana.
Anyone who knows me will be like "OHAI, IT'S MANA."
Anyone who doesn't...well. Hi~

I'm a nerdy little floof of a thing and I enjoy cosplay and oddities.

Current cosplays are Akito from Air Gear, Apollo from Apollo Justice, Lambo from Reborn!,
and House from House MD. Yes. Yes, it's strange but fun as HELL.

I can say things like Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis by heart,
and I know that Encephalitis can lead to paryalisis and death.

I want to make graphic novels and direct movies,
and I don't like bees.

I've met one of my idols, Terry Moore, and hope some day to host panels of my own.